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This Policy was accepted at the committee meeting 4th July 2023

Stalybridge Photographic Club (SPC)
Academy HQ, Grosvenor St,
SK15 1SD

The venue has wheelchair access and there are no stairs
SPC welcomes anyone with an interest in photography, but stipulates:

  1. Any person under the age of 18, whether a member or a visitor, must be accompanied at all
    times by a parent or legal guardian when involved in club activities (including outside
    events under the control of the club). The parent or guardian does not need to be a club
  2. Images of children that are displayed during club events or entered into competitions must
    have prior permission from the Child’ s parent or legal guardian. It is the responsibility of
    the author of the image to adhere to this requirement.
  3. Images of children may only be shown on the club website if written permission is provided
    by the parent or guardian.
  4. No person under the age o f 18 or considered to be vulnerable is permitted to be a model
    during club controlled events.
  5. When the club is involved in public events where children may be photographed, it is the
    responsibility of the individual to ensure that they comply with any nat ional and local laws,
    by laws or policies that prevail at that time and place.
  6. Vulnerable adults who normally have the services of a carer must be accompanied by an
    approved carer at all times during club events. The needs of vulnerable adults will be
    assessed on a case by case basis by a named club official.
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