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Competition Rules (Internal) 2024 Season

  1. General
    1.1. Only members who have paid their annual subscription in full, will be eligible to enter Club Competitions.
    1.2. The copyright to all images and all elements of an image in respect of composites or panels must belong to the entrant. This means that AI, computer generated, stock or royalty free including clip art images are not permitted.
    1.3. Any entry which is felt to fall short of the Competition Rules, for whatever reason will be rejected. However the Competition Secretary will make reasonable attempts to notify the author and invite re-submission if time permits. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure he/she complies with the requirements of the competition rules.
    1.4. All entries will be made via the PhotoEntry system.
    1.5. Competition statuses, including the closing date, will be displayed on PhotoEntry
    1.6. All images will be scored out of 10 and will include half marks. Judges scores will be doubled, by admin, which will provide a better range of marks.
    1.7. The Judge’s decision is final
  2. Projected Digital Images (DPI’s)
    2.1. A member may enter a maximum of 3 DPI’s and no more than 2 in any one category, per competition.
    2.2. All DPI’s must be in JPEG format and sRGB colour-space. The maximum dimension must not exceed 1600px wide and 1200px high. A warning notice will be displayed when submitting the image if it fails to comply with these parameters.
    2.3. Image titles must be manually entered when submitting via PhotoEntry.
    2.4. Images will be retained in an image bank should they be required for external competitions. Copyright will always remain with the author.
  3. Prints
    3.1. A member may submit a maximum of 4 prints and no more than 2 in any one category. , per competition.
    3.2. Print Entries must have the DPI of the image submitted via PhotoEntry. The print should be clearly labelled on the reverse side, upper left corner, with the title of the print. For internal competition there should be no reference to the author or authors name. The front of the image should have no identifying marks whatsoever.
    3.3. The club may wish to use any submitted print in external competitions and therefore the author would be expected to make the print available if selected.
    3.4. All submitted prints that leave the club premises for external competitions will be transported in a Print Box. Copyright will always remain with the author. The Committee or any other agent acting on behalf of the Club shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss to or of any submitted print.
  4. Awards and Categories
    8 Awards will be presented as per the below table.
    POTY = Photographer Of The Year
  5. The main award will be calculated from the best 7 scores achieved over the season.
  6. The runner up awards will be calculated by using the total points of the best 7 scores achieved in each category.
  7. A member who is awarded the main POTY can not be awarded as a runner up.
  8. A member who is awarded as a runner up in one category can not be a runner up in another.
  9. Definitions
    Colour, – includes all images of any subject not classified as mono or nature.
    Mono, – images entered must be monochromatic images (which may be singly toned in a single tone colour). Monochrome prints, which have one or more added colours/dyes, must be entered in the Colour category.
    Nature, – images of animals or plant life must be entered in the Nature category irrespective of their depicted category

Runner UpColourColour
Runner UpMonoMono
Runner UpNatureNature
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